Ren Gregorčič is a Southwest Victorian-based, Australian artist and curator working in the field of contemporary sculpture and spatial practice. His work is an ongoing commentary on spatial, global modernity as a system of economic, social and cultural management and control.

Gregorčič’s reasearch-led spatial and curatorial practice is informed by the socio-linguistic theory, concepts and critiques of global modernity, geopolitics, an analysis of knowledge systems and object theory. His interdisciplinary practice is connected by themes of social justice, social history, environmentalism, technology, cultural knowledge and the post-natural.

Since completing his Bachelor of Fine Art (Sculpture and Spatial practice) at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2009 and Masters of Arts (Cultural Materials Conservation) at the University of Melbourne in 2013, Gregorčič has held various professional arts and cultural heritage positions in a number of museums and galleries in Victoria, Australia. Currently, Gregorčič is working at Warrnambool Art Gallery as the Curator of Exhibitions and Outreach while also continuing his arts practice, undertaking independent arts research and publishing a weekly blog.


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