breeze between the clouds

Concept image for my new work titled ‘Breeze’.

Concept image for my new work titled ‘Breeze’.

I’m presently creating a new sculptural installation using internally gilded, concrete cloud-form breeze blocks to interrogate through structure, form, light and shadow, the commingling of human and non-human narratives that occurs in our post-natural (the intentional and heritable alteration of nature by humans) contemporary urban reality.

Breeze blocks were an architectural feature commonly used in commercial and residential construction in the 1950s and 60s. Contemporary symbols of suburbia, they are a hallmark of the social and cultural expansion of post-war Victoria. Often used as decorative wall detailing, breeze blocks mark the division of spaces in places such as boundary walls, were gardens meet houses, as patio screens or carports. As a partially solid construction material, breeze blocks have a unique duality that emphasises solidity and permeability as well as division. This duality makes breeze blocks an ideal material to interrogate the commingling of human and non-human narratives.

The idea for the sculpture is play with perspective; as viewers approaches the work, they will see a solid concrete screen. As they move closer and away from the work, their perspective relative to the sculpture will change to reveal and obscure the highly reflective gold internal structure, patterned forms and sections of the landscape visible through the work. More on this work to come.