Ren Gregorčič, One another other (installation detail), 2019.

Ren Gregorčič, One another other (installation detail), 2019.

One another other, my sculptural installation in ‘nature, post-nature’ of composed of a series of 5 solid concrete sculptures each with gold detailing. The gold is highly reflective and so it picks up ambient light, casting warm yellow onto the harsh stone surface. It’s a mesmerising quality that reflects my research into the role of intimacy within the context of the Anthropocene.

As Timothy Morton discusses in ‘Dark Ecology’, climate change is linked to our physical and mental distance from geological and ecological systems that are not. Closeness to physical aspects of nature (i.e. rocks, plants, animals) that are not changed or augmented for the purposes of human use (forests, wild animals, natural fields, cave systems etc.) generates a feeling of place and interconnectedness that promotes awareness and empathy. Distance on the other hand folds nature into simplified versions of complex systems consistent with human logic.

Most people’s relationships to nature, I would argue, sit somewhere between these polar opposites; nobody is ever full removed from human-limited nature. However, our access to these places is becoming increasingly limited and so, in our changed world, there is a need for us to establish empathy with the white plaster walls, grey concrete and cold steel materials that now dominate.

I’ve found that soft light and rippled reflections have an interesting ability to create intrigue that seems to establish this closeness of mind and so I’ve incorporated it into One another other. I’m very excited to continue to test the effects of soft light and rippled reflections in upcoming works.

If you’re in Melbourne, make sure to check to see One another other in ‘nature, post-nature’, my collaborative exhibition with Jessye Wdowin-McGregor, at Rubicon Ari (309 Queensberry St, Melbourne) from 21 March to 5 April.

F*ack my background

More than 10 years has passed since I opened the email account that I still use today. Since opening my account, I have received countless spam emails promising access to everything that one could imagine; methamphetamine, new age spirituality, brides, porn, free computers, gold, easy ways to tighten by abs, get-rich-fast secrets, Viagra, employment offers, psychic readings, and the list goes on. In a digital universe of limitless possibilities, the highly graphic and often cryptic nature of junk mail has always been both alluring and problematic.

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Junk emails are problematic not only for their intentional and often use of creative strategies to deceive others through mechanisms of influence and manipulation. But also because they symbolise and communicate the maintenance of a gender order of power that is focused on sex and money; one that is masculine, dominating and hetero-normative, well in-tact and thriving.

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Ren Gregorčič, hi dear, you're lucky, 2017

Ren Gregorčič, hi dear, you're lucky, 2017